Reblog: Apple will buy Tesla for $75b in 18 months

A blog post by Jason Calacanis:


Apple will buy Tesla for $75b in 18 months — it’s a lock (in my mind).

Let me start out with three important disclaimers:

  1. I have no inside information.
  2. I hold no shares of Tesla or Apple*.
  3. I do own two Teslas and spend $3k per year on Apple products personally (at least).

OK, now that those disclaimers are out of the way, let me break down what I think will happen in the next 12 months based on what we’ve heard so far about Apple’s interest in electric cars.

For background, there are reports of a massive project at Apple, with hundreds of executives working on an electric minivan. Additionally, an Apple self-driving car has been spotted on the roads.

See full article here: Apple will buy Tesla for $75b in 18 months.

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