The Model 3 by Tesla Motors will probably be sold out by April 1st

I am one of the people, who went to a Tesla Store today and reserved a car, which i haven’t even seen yet and  which will be delivered in Europe not until 2018. And i laid down 1,000 EUR as a (refundable) reservation charge. There are about 220 Tesla Stores worldwide and seeing the lines at the stores i would guess at least 100 people per store will reserve a Model 3 today. So as of today we are looking at 22,000 reservations for the Model 3, maybe even more than that. Starting with the unveiling event at 8:30 pm (pacific time) the online ordering process for the Model 3 will go live and i am guessing (it’s a wild guess) that Tesla could add another 100,000 online reservations during the event itself . With the current production capacity of Model S and X at 50,000 units per year, i would expect a starting production capacity for the Model 3 at 100,000 units at best. So if you are thinking about ordering a Tesla Model 3 better be quick, some other people want that car, too.

Here are some pics from around the world:

Looks like this is the KODAK-Moment for the automotive sector after all. Exciting times.




2 Gedanken zu “The Model 3 by Tesla Motors will probably be sold out by April 1st

  1. Christian Appel März 31, 2016 / 3:35 pm

    …alles sehr cool.

  2. energyblawg März 31, 2016 / 4:52 pm

    Bei den Reservierungen pro Tesla Store bin ich anscheinend viel zu niedrig eingestiegen. Gerade in den USA sind die Warteschlangen über 500 Leute lang. Vermutlich wird Elon Musk heute beim Event schon was zu den Reservierungen sagen. Spannend.

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