Part 2 of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG)

I finally managed to publish part 2 of the translation of the German Energy Industry Act. You can get it on Amazon. The Layout is way better in comparison to Part 1 (which I will update accordingly within the next two weeks or so) and  this version includes the most recent amendments of the Act….

The German Chain Smoker

In the course of the coalition negotiations, the German withdrawal from domestic lignite has become a topic again, but the formation of coalitions could fail (and have failed) precisely because of this issue. And there is a conflict of Shakespearean proportions between desire and reality of the energy transition: The energy transition wunderkind smokes –…

Translation of the Energy Industry Act

I just want to give you a quick heads up in regard to the current state of my translation of the Energy Industry Act (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz – EnWG): I have translated roughly 300 of 370 pages. I am quite excited, because this means i can see the finish line at the horizon. After finishing the translation…

Energyblawg will become bilingual

I will try something new: Future posts will be written in German and English. Thus, the blog will become bilingual in the near future. It will be significantly more work for me, but it will hopefully be a good exercise  for me and maybe i can reach some readers in other countries. I am excited!